The theatrical art is dynamic, it is evolving and acquiring new forms of expression. The “immersive performance” genre appeared in the United States in the middle of the 20th century. Since that time it has become increasingly popular.

Director, Victor Karina:

«Immersive performances have now become one of the main world trends of the world theatres. Every single of us has ever been dreaming about becoming a part of a movie, book or play to experience all the events together with the characters. The immersive theatre gives the spectator a unique opportunity to get involved into the action - emotionally and physically, to smell and touch, to explore and to interact as well as to live their own storyline.

Director, Mia Zanetti:

«You should be constantly curious. Find your own path, do not merge with the crowd. There are many secrets in almost every corner of the mansion that are worth revealing. They are waiting for you. Choose and follow one of the characters throughout the performance and find out what his or her story is.

© Immersive show “The Revenants”, 2016–2018

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