About the Show

“The Revenants”, an immersive performance based on the play “Ghosts” by Henrik Ibsen, is “The Golden Mask” Theater Award 2018 nominee.

The performance takes place in an old mansion in the very centre of Saint-Petersburg. “The Revenants” is so diverse, historically accurate and erotic that it unites all lovers of classics with the connoisseurs of contemporary art.

If its inner themes and meanings are considered, Ibsen’s work is tightly connected with the social and human matters of today. The plays of the Norwegian genius haven’t left the stage all over the world for the past 150 years.

Ibsen is always ranked high with regard to the number of productions, sharing the Olympus of world theatres with Shakespeare, Chekhov and Molière!

That is why “The Revenants” was launched in Saint-Petersburg, where true theatre lovers know for sure that theatrical art is dynamic. They are ready to absorb new art forms and expressions!

Please, make sure you are familiarized with our rules and conditions before visiting the show. We keep the right to decline the visit in any case of show-rule violation without returning the cost of the tickets.

  • The total duration of the show is up to 3 hours.
  • To immerse yourself into the show we recommend to arrive by the exact time indicated on the tickets.
  • By purchasing the tickets you confirm that you are familiarized with the show rules and have reached the age of 18.
  • The entrance to the mansion is grouped into 6 streams with 15-minute interval each. This will allow you to fully experience the atmosphere of the performance.
  • Be ready that you will be separated inside the mansion — this is done for full immersion, you can have discussion in our bar afterwards.
  • Modern light-based technologies and sound effects are used in the show, they can be a reason for a strong emotional shock. That is why we advise pregnant women and individuals suffering from claustrophobia and epilepsy not to visit the show.
  • Any photo or video recording is forbidden during the show. All electronic devices (including mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, photo/video cameras) should be turned off or put into silent mode. We recommend leaving them in the cloakroom before the show.
  • Re-entering the mansion is strictly prohibited during the show. The only exception is under unexpected circumstances. Be sure to warn the administrators and the security service of the mansion before going out.

The Full Rules

  • Producers

    Vyacheslav Dusmuhametov

  • Directors


  • Second director

    Nika Safonova

  • The directors original version show

    Viktor Karina
    Mia Zanetti

  • Choreographers

    Aleksey Karpenko
    Olga Baraniai

  • Creative Producer

    Anastasia Timofeeva

  • Production Designer

    Aleksandra Piatnitskaia


Asmus Kristina, Babenkova Tatyana, Shkirando Valeriya, Shustrova Sofia, Ekaterina Zorina, Viadro Anastasiia, Lopatina Mariia, Baraniai Olga, Ignateva Liliia, Sokolova Olesia, Panaitova Veronika, Prokopeva Mariia, Medvedev Egor, Malikov Vladimir, Vardevanian Aram, TSulukidze Beka, Moshechkov Anton, SHigin Semen, Borisenko Denis, Nagiev Kirill, Karkh Andrei, Karpov Nikolai, Vecherik Olga, Kramarenko Ekaterina, Fedynko Artur, CHekhovskii Konstantin.
Servants: Sobachkin Dmitrii, Fomina Vera, Komarov Ruslan, Motov Ilia, Plotnikov Konstantin, Veber Roman, SHilnikov Aleksei, Lipovskii Sergei, Muravitskii Aleksandr, Pavlova Margarita, Nechepurenko Alina, Basanova Baina, Fuks Natalia, Pleshakova Alena.

© Immersive show “The Revenants”, 2016–2018

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